Well according to the GRD calendar we are now well into autumn but what a beautiful autumn it has been so far.


The weather has been amazing with lots of lovely autumn sunshine.


I still have many lovely flowers in bloom in my garden.


Of course with autumn there are plenty of fallen leaves to be raked up, this bagful was waiting to be composted but a certain Mr RJ decided they would make a cosy bed.


I haven’t posted about it for a while but we are still enjoying our lovely local park, it was looking particularly pretty in its autumn colours this past weekend.


As the weather is so good we have been enjoying a few days out and about…this is Helen’s Tower in Co Down.


The clear skies mean chillier evenings and its the time of year for knitting by the fire…..I’ve been making some things for Amelie including this cosy Wowligan cardie………….


…………..and a hat to keep those little ears warm.


And back to the title of my post, a few weeks back I was asked to join the Showcase Handmade UK group on Facebook. The group hold showcases every few weeks on their Facebook page.

So this is Incy my first entry and she will be appearing in the Hunters Moon Showcase on Thursday 13th October at 8pm, more details can be found by clicking on the link.

Incy has of course has been named after Incy Wincy Spider and she comes complete with her own white pumpkin.

Please do check out the showcase as it contains lots of lovely autumn, harvest, halloween inspired makes.


Its another beautiful day here…long, long may it last.

Thanks as always for dropping by! 🙂



March started off bright and sunny!


However things soon took a chilly turn.


Thankfully though it wasn’t long until the blue skies returned.


And the garden continued to bloom.




Of course there was the usual band of garden helpers, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil “…..the three wise cats…..hmmm, maybe!! 😉


We celebrated my daughters birthday on the 9th of the month.


On the 15th of the month it was 4 years since I made my first little rabbit, Lavender Rose pictured here with one of this months bunnies, Hoppy, who turned out to be my 250th animal!


Yesterday we welcomed the Spring Equinox with blue skies and blooming flowering currant!

Henrietta Collage

I have of course continued making little creatures throughout March, this month they are the ‘Spring Girls’ all with a springtime theme.

This is Henrietta with all her chickens and eggs!

Harper Collage

Harper the hare has a dress covered in pretty hares.

Muscari Collage

Muscari has been named after one of my favourite springtime flowers.

Hoppy Collage

Hoppy is a girl who loves her carrots.

Aviva Collage

Aviva’s name is from Hebrew and means ‘springtime’.

Florentina Collage

And the final Spring Girl is Florentina whose name means ‘blooming’!

The spring Girls will be listed in my Etsy shop this evening, Monday 21st March at 9pm (GMT).

Please remember they are collectible items for adults only and not suitable for children under 14 years, more information about them can be found here.

Tomorrow (22nd March) is another milestone for GRD as my little blog is 7 years old, more about that soon though, however I would just like to thank all you lovely people who have stuck with me during those years, I really do appreciate your friendship!!

Thanks as always for dropping by, have a lovely springtime week!!! 🙂

autumn days


According to the Green Rabbit Calendar October is the first month of autumn and it started in true Keats style!

The misty chilly mornings have led to beautiful sunny days and on the whole it has been a lovely month with lots of outside time.

Autumn Sunday 4th Oct

We have enjoyed some lovely autumn walks!


Time has been spent in the garden too, where the roses are still in bloom.







Oct 13th garden Collage

It is so good having so much colour in the garden at this late stage of the year, long may it continue!


I’ve been painting tins again, I just love doing these, especially searching for the vintage images.


This one was photobombed by the lovely Lily!!


Of course there has been lots of animal making during the month too with the arrival of my first hare called Harlow which means ‘meadow of the hares’ joined here by a little brown dutch rabbit called Acorn!


This is Glade in her little owl dress and a little autumn mouse called Maple.


These two are Copper and Flame, enjoying some autumn sunshine in the garden.


The final ‘Autumn Girl’ is a little Halloween pumpkin girl called Octavia!

Normally I show my girls in their collage photos but as I always put them on my Bunnies & Friends page too I have decided there was no need to duplicate this on the blog, if you would like to see the detailed collages please click here.

The ‘Autumn Girls’ will be listed in my Etsy shop this evening (Monday 26th Oct) at 10pm (GMT). Please remember they are collectible items only and not suitable for children under 14 years of age. You can find out more details about them here.

So here we are into the last week of October, enjoy what’s left of this month, have a fun Halloween and a lovely start to November! 🙂