may so far


My goodness May has been a whirlwind around these parts!

Due to the early arrival of our gorgeous little granddaughter Amelie Annie.

She decided she wasn’t waiting until her due date and arrived on the 2nd, 16 days before we were expecting her!

She was a very healthy 7lbs and perfect in every way.


To say that we are completely besotted with her would be an understatement, she has brought so much joy to our lives!


My garden has continued to bloom during the month despite me not having that much time for it but that’s the thing about May it just gets on with things without much help!






I also managed to get to the woods to see and smell the bluebells!


And the wild garlic….which perhaps doesn’t smell as sweet as the bluebells but is still pretty.


And of course the wonderful cow parsley which couldn’t be missed either.


There seems to be such an abundance of it this year.

And it has been the inspiration for my one and only May bunny to date!


Meet Parsley!

Life has been busy and I have missed making my bunnies so I really need get back to them again and of course I have to make ‘Amelie the Bunny’ for a special little girl too!

So just one more week left of May to enjoy, I do love the month of May, it has always been my favourite month of the year…..even more so now as it’s the birth month of my little princess. 💗

autumn days


According to the Green Rabbit Calendar October is the first month of autumn and it started in true Keats style!

The misty chilly mornings have led to beautiful sunny days and on the whole it has been a lovely month with lots of outside time.

Autumn Sunday 4th Oct

We have enjoyed some lovely autumn walks!


Time has been spent in the garden too, where the roses are still in bloom.







Oct 13th garden Collage

It is so good having so much colour in the garden at this late stage of the year, long may it continue!


I’ve been painting tins again, I just love doing these, especially searching for the vintage images.


This one was photobombed by the lovely Lily!!


Of course there has been lots of animal making during the month too with the arrival of my first hare called Harlow which means ‘meadow of the hares’ joined here by a little brown dutch rabbit called Acorn!


This is Glade in her little owl dress and a little autumn mouse called Maple.


These two are Copper and Flame, enjoying some autumn sunshine in the garden.


The final ‘Autumn Girl’ is a little Halloween pumpkin girl called Octavia!

Normally I show my girls in their collage photos but as I always put them on my Bunnies & Friends page too I have decided there was no need to duplicate this on the blog, if you would like to see the detailed collages please click here.

The ‘Autumn Girls’ will be listed in my Etsy shop this evening (Monday 26th Oct) at 10pm (GMT). Please remember they are collectible items only and not suitable for children under 14 years of age. You can find out more details about them here.

So here we are into the last week of October, enjoy what’s left of this month, have a fun Halloween and a lovely start to November! 🙂



We are very lucky that from where we live we can get to two lovely disused canals within half an hour.

These abandoned waterways have been given over to nature and nature being nature has done what it does best….take over.

On the past two Sundays we have taken a walk along the tow paths of each of them.

Our first walk was at Scarva on a stretch of the Newry Canal.




nc1 Collage



Our second canal visit was to an area known as the Broad Water on the Lagan Canal, equally beautiful and equally teeming with nature.


lc1 Collage


broadwater flora Collage


broadwater fauna Collage

There were many other creatures such as giant dragonflies, pretty little damsel flies and other butterflies that completely refused to pose for photos and sometimes the only sound to be heard was the mewing of a buzzard overhead.

I love days like these.

Thanks as always for visiting, have a good week. 🙂