autumn’s here

So yet another month has come and gone…..had September really 30 days this year, it seemed like less!!

The garden still put on a show during the month.

However slipping into October has brought a more autumnal look.

September brought another year!

Thank goodness for cake to soften the blow. 😉

As we both have birthdays at this time of year and as September is also our wedding anniversary month we always like to take a little trip.

This year we had a lovely long weekend in Bristol and Bath.

We had a lovely time in these two great cities.

As you can imagine there wasn’t much time for crafting this month but I did manage to finish four little creatures for my shop.

One more little girl who I have finished is Laurel…..who is a giveaway girl over on Instagram at the moment, so if you’re on IG and would like a chance of winning her, pop over there and enter.

I’m changing the way I list my animals, from now on instead of listing them in a group I’m just going to list them as they’re made and I’ll pop a post on Instagram to let everyone know when they’re in the shop.

So here we are in October and even I have to give in to it being autumn, the seasons have definitely changed!

Happy October and Happy Autumn! 🍂 🍁 🍂



The garden really is at its best in June and the bees are loving it!


This buddleia is a particular favourite of the bees.

There’s just a constant buzz from it when it’s in full bloom.


The roses are looking great at the moment too.



And it’s so good to have my hydrangea back in bloom again too.



So much pretty colour!


Now if you have already signed up to my newsletter you should have by now seen my latest batch of girls but just in case you haven’t, here they are.

Firstly Parsley, named after the pretty cow parsley.


Dandelion, with lots of wishes all over her dress.


Florence whose names means ‘to flower’ has a little cottage garden on her dress.


This is Miel with all her bees, her name means honey in French.


Allia was inspired by all the beautiful alliums that are in bloom.


And finally this Harebell who has lots of little harebells all over her dress.

I will be listing all six animals in my Etsy shop this evening, Tuesday 28th June at 9pm (BST).

More information about them can be found here.


If you haven’t yet signed up to my newsletter, you can still do so here.

You will then be entered into the draw to win Pandora, pictured above, the closing date for entries is midnight 30th June. I will email the winner and announce it on my Facebook page on Friday.

So here we are at the end of yet another month and halfway through the year, that is scary, slow down 2016, please!

Thanks as always for dropping by and for all your encouraging comments, thanks too to all of you who signed up to the newsletter, so many of you, I really do appreciate all your support.

Enjoy the last week of June! 🙂



Hello blog friends and welcome to all of you who are new visitors to my blog and may have arrived here from Facebook and Instagram.

The reason I have directed you all here is so I can explain about my newsletter as I know as soon as I mention words such as Etsy and shop and listings and giveaway, Facebook especially will hide the post from most of you.


I have decided to set up a newsletter to let everyone who wants to, know when I’m listing my animals in my shop. In the past my Facebook posts haven’t reached all those that they should have and I have had people say that they didn’t know I was listing them. Instagram is changing too and I thought that a newsletter was the best way to keep everyone informed who wants to be informed as I personally would be in charge of it.

So I have ( when I say I that’s not true, my son has!!) set up a sign up to a mailing list, it’s near the top of my sidebar along side the bunny pic, not to be confused with email subscription which is for my blog posts.

You can also use this direct link.

Rest assured I will not be bombarding you with mail clogging up your inbox, this will only be just before I list my animals which will be once a month at the very most.


I have decided to list my animals in Etsy when I have made six of them. Before I was listing at the end of each month but I have got out of sync with that and I think for me this is more practical as sometimes life just gets in the way of making and it means I’m not tied to a particular time of the month.

So if you would like to receive my newsletter I would be delighted if you would sign up, please don’t think this is just for people who want to purchase one either, if you just want to see what I’m making then it’s for you too! I will still be using my blog, Facebook page and Instagram too, it’s just I will have more control.


And where does this little bunny who has appeared throughout this post come into all of this, well her name is Pandora which means “all the gifts” and a gift is exactly what she will be for one of you lovely people who have signed up to the newsletter. On the last day of June a name will picked from the list of people who have signed up and that person will get to keep Pandora.

So I do hope you will join in, please rest assured that your email address will not be shared with anyone else and will only be used by me for the Green Rabbit newsletter, if you do sign up make sure you add me to your address book or I may end up in your spam.

Thank you for listening, I do hope that I have found a better way of informing those of you wish to know about my Etsy listings without depending on the whims of some social media sites.

Wishing you all a sunshiny week! 🙂