A Bag, A Cat & Some Bunnies

Well I think that post title pretty much sums me up, if you just added some flowers and some chocolate, I think that would be me in a nutshell !!!

I have at last finished the bag that I bought this yarn for. That was a few weeks ago now but I’ve been distracted by other projects along the way, however this weekend past I made the effort to get it finished.

I quite like teal and mustard together, I think they compliment each other.

I’ve lined the bag in a mustard coloured cotton fabric and like all my bags I’ve added a little inside pocket.

The bag has been decorated with crocheted flowers with turquoise crystal bead centres.

I’ll be adding it to my Etsy shop.

Whilst trying to photograph the bag in the garden I was joined by this fellow! This is Ginger and he’s one of our cat friends but he doesn’t make a very good photographic assistant I have to say. He managed to get between the camera and the bag in an effort to get stroked, he then kept nudging my arm as I was about to take the picture and then he almost pushed me into the flower bed rubbing up and down my back as I got down to photograph the bag!!
You’ll be pleased to know that he was suitably rewarded for his help with a big cuddle and some lunch! He is a lovely boy. ๐Ÿ™‚

And now to the bunnies…..!

If you follow Mia’s blog you will have already seen these lovely coasters. Now Mia was very discreet being the excellent seller that she is and didn’t say who they were for but I’m sure some of you did guess who the bunny coaster commission was for!
I bought a set of snowmen coasters from Mia last Christmas and loved them so much that I thought a set for Easter would be lovely, so I asked her if she would make some for me and of course that was no problem at all. I am absolutely delighted with them, they are so pretty, she also made me a gorgeous little felted bunny to hang on my bag and as always everything comes with the most beautiful hand made gift tags. Just look at the detail in the little rabbits! Thank you so much Mia, I’m thrilled with them. You can find more of Mia’s wonderful creations here.

Well after a very dull start today the weather picked up beautifully and we have ended up with a lovely afternoon, let’s hope it continues into tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Letters

Don’t you just love it when the postman brings happy letters. Happy letters are always fat, parcels really, you just know that there’s something nice inside!

Well I was lucky enough to get two in the one day this week!

The first one I knew was coming because I ordered a little treat for myself from my lovely friend Mia and it arrived in this cute little bunny bag. Mia knows what I like!!!!

It’s one of Mia’s pretty little keyrings with a sweet little needle felted owl.

I’ve clipped it to the outside of my bag as I think it’s much too nice to be hidden away inside, it needs to be seen.

Check out Mia’s Etsy Shop for more of her beautiful creations.

The second parcel was the result of winning a giveaway over at Kate’s blog, Harmony and Rosie. I couldn’t believe my luck when I read that I was the winner because I never ever win anything. I entered not expecting to win but happily for me, I did!

I won one of Kate’s beautifully made bags, it really is gorgeous and a lovely book full of Springtime crafts!

The book has some beautiful makes, just look at these bunnies…..

…..and these…..

…..and these!!!!

It’s not just rabbits though there are lots of other pretty things to make with a springtime theme.

Thank you so much Kate for such a lovely giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

See more of Kate’s bags and her jewellery here.

On the knitting and crochet front, I have finished my aran scarf that I started at the workshop last weekend and…

…I’m still working at my crochet scarf, hopefully I’ll get that completed over the weekend.

Hope you all have a great weekend too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hearts & Valentines

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

I hope you all received lots of nice treats today!

I’m afraid I’m not the world’s most romantic person. I did send my other half a Valentine card but it wasn’t of the romantic kind, it was a funny one but that’s just me!

However although I’m not romantically inclined I do love hearts and I do have quite a little collection of heart buttons and fabrics. I even managed to crochet a little heart too, not bad for an unromantic!!

There seemed to be hearts everywhere this weekend, even on my walk in the park I found some. Ivy produces some lovely hearts.

Even the puddles were heart-shaped! ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing that I really like about Valentines Day is the sweeties. Chocolate hearts and Love Hearts, I really love Love Hearts!!

Even Love Hearts aren’t as romantic as they used to be, they still say things like ‘Be Mine’ but they now also say ‘Text Me’! That doesn’t quite have the same romantic sentiment but thankfully they still taste good and that’s the important bit!

Of course I couldn’t let Valentines Day go by without some bunnies, kissing bunnies for today. No matter which way you turn them they spin around to each other again! Ahhhhhhhh!

Have a wonderful Valentines Day however you choose to spend it whether romantically or not or just eating sweets!!! ๐Ÿ™‚