Splash of Colour : December

Well it’s month two of the Splash of Colour posts organised by Emma of Silverpebble, where we all try to cheer ourselves up while we wait for Spring!
As we’re doing four monthly posts and this is the second one, that means we’re halfway to Spring, woo hoo!!
A nice thought as I look out the window at the heavy snow. We had what I had referred to as ‘designer snow’ (pretty to look at but not enough to cause any hassle) but it’s quickly becoming annoying snow!!

I thought this month, with it being December I would show some festive photos.
The above photo is of some pretty little gift tags which are far to nice to give away, so I’m not going to!!

This was taken in my front garden while I still had ‘designer snow’ I can’t even see the berries now!

One of my many bunny Christmas tree ornaments!

What would Christmas be without Father Christmas, at least he’s used to snow.

This little Father Christmas ornament was bought for me when I was a little girl by my dad, it has been on display every year since. It still has it’s original cardboard backing which came with it in the package. My dad mounted it on some wood so that it could stand and Father Christmas could still have his sky backdrop.

Well that’s my contribution to this month’s Splash of Colour, don’t forget to check out the Splash of Colour Flickr group for more colourful inspiration!

Have a lovely, warm and cosy week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Calm After The Storm

You wouldn’t think by looking at this sky we had quite a storm last night!
Today has been lovely, it has been a day to put on the fleece and wellies and go outside into the garden and tidy up the mess that the wind and rain made last night.

My cherry tree is almost bare now with only a few leaves hanging on, in fact after last night most of them are all over the grass, as I’ve already said there’s quite a mess!

My poor sunflowers, which I had left to go to seed for the birds were all blown over. This one which was seen here at the end of September is quite sad looking now. ๐Ÿ™

I just had to cut them all down and take the heads of them, pull out what remained of the petals and lay them out on the grass. Sounds really brutal, doesn’t it?

There’s lots of seeds in there to help the birds out during the winter. They can peck them out just as they need them!

Of course no matter when I’m out in the garden my cat friends all turn up! Ginger however makes it very difficult to walk anywhere! ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll remember a couple of weeks back I planted my sweet pea seeds for next summer. Well there’s sign of new life already which I find very heartening indeed. In fact putting on my coat and wellies and getting outside into the garden is in itself very uplifting, a bit of excercise and fresh air is most definitely good for you! Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to go out as it is cold but once you’re out there is does feel good and you come in again invigorated, I absolutely recommend it!

Before I go I just want share a new purchase of mine. This gorgeous little bunny purse is made by the very talented Beth of The Linen Cat. A green rabbit for the Green Rabbit! Isn’t it gorgeous, I’m thrilled with it. It is perfectly made and the detail is beautiful. If you haven’t visited Beth before, hop over and see all her lovely creations!

Well folks have a lovely week and put your coat and boots on and get out into the garden, it’s good for you!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi folks, well we have returned from our trip to London and what a great time we had visiting, shopping and eating!

I think my favourite part of the whole trip was the visit to the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace. They were absolutely magnificent! I have to admit to being a complete royalist. I love the grandeur, the pomp and ceremony and Buckingham Palace did not disappoint, it was wonderful! After the tour you can enjoy something to eat in the cafe and then have a walk through the gardens before leaving.

Good to see Her Majesty also likes duck egg blue! ๐Ÿ™‚

We also visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, there’s always plenty to see here and never enough time to see it all.
The V&A had a Beatrix Potter exhibition and it was lovely to see her original drawings of Peter Rabbit and friends.

Of course some shopping had to be done and although I didn’t go mad in Oxford Street as I don’t see the point in going into shops I can get at home, I did however visit those that I can only visit when I’m in London.

It’s always nice to see the traditional and the historic and London has lots of that!!

On our final day we took one of the Thames River boats out to Greenwich to visit the Royal Greenwich Observatory. It was very interesting and of course I like all the other visitors had to stand on zero longitude, where all time begins.

The boat trip was great as you see a completely different view of the city.

It was very enjoyable trip, it’s a brilliant city with so much to do and see. We had the most beautiful weather as you can see from the lovely blue sky in my photographs which of course added to the enjoyment.
I’m now looking forward to the next time we visit! ๐Ÿ™‚