I know I always say it but I really can’t believe I’m back with another round up of the month…..time goes so quickly!!

The garden continues to bloom…..

…..and produce lots of tomatoes!

Which I’m quickly turning into homemade tomato sauce and what we don’t eat now is being frozen for pasta, soups etc…..nothing like the taste of summer in winter.

I also managed to to get a pic of our garden visitor, one of them anyway, there are two as I have seen them together.

On Saturday 5th August I had a lovely day out at Yarnfolk, Northern Ireland’s first yarn festival, it was brilliant!

There were so many tempting yarns and of course some were purchased (see middle pic, bottom row in above collage) ! 😉

I really hope this event will be an annual occurrence!

The yarn festival was held in Whitehead, Co Antrim so it was lovely to spend some time at the coast too.

It was such a lovely clear day, so much so that we could see Scotland!

On the crafting front I have been continuing on with my Free Your Fade shawl by Andrea Mowry.

I have also made a quilt!!

It has been on my to-do list for such a long time and I have eventually got round to doing it.

It’s not a huge one, it’s for my granddaughter’s teepee but I’m quite pleased with myself. 🙂

It’s by no means perfect but I must admit I was pretty pleased with my corners! 😉

I also crocheted a little cushion to match.

There was another little cardie for Amelie this month!

And I also finished her little pink aran sweater too!

And of course there were some new little creatures as well…..all now in their new homes.

We had a lovely family day on the 27th of the month when my HB celebrated a special birthday!

My son was home from Berlin and we were all together to celebrate…..and Amelie loved the balloon.

So that was August…..there’s still another month of summer according to the GRD calendar, so let’s not panic or make any mention of any of those other seasons just yet!!

Happy September. 🙂

bye bye july

The end of July…..well almost but if the next couple of days go by as quickly as the rest of the month, it will be August before we know it.

Not sure how I feel about August, it always seems like it’s all slipping away to the ‘not-so-nice’ bit of the year!

Anyhow I don’t want to dwell too much on that yet!

My garden is full of blooms!!

There have been lots of days out during July….. to gardens…..

and parks…..

alongside canals…..

and to a walled garden…….

to days on the beach……

and misty mountain walks!

Actually the misty mountain walk turned into a downpour and we were soaked to the skin…..and I mean the skin!!

However the weather has mostly been good and we have had some lovely adventures.

There has been some making for my girl during the month too…..a new throw for her room and another little cardigan.

And of course there has been a bit of creature crocheting too!

All these girls will be in my shop this evening at 8pm (BST).

So sadly it’s bye bye July… have been lovely!

Thanks as always for taking the time to stop by and read my blog…wishing you all a wonderful August!! 🙂

september already


I truly find it hard to believe that it’s September already, maybe its because I’m still waiting for the rest of summer to arrive!!

August in this part of the UK was still quite damp but the flowers did keep blooming, all except the sweetpeas that is and I’m happy to report my tomatoes are now ripening.






A little quiet spot to sit when the sun did shine.


And a little home grown posy.


Trips out over the past couple of weeks included a day to the seaside for my Hb’s birthday….it looked almost Meditteranean (almost)!


And a visit to the beautiful Ballyrobert Cottage Garden.


This is how I would love my garden to look.


We also paid a visit to the fantastic Ulster Folk & Transport Museum.


So much lovely vintage there.


All in all not a bad end to August despite the rain…you’d think we’d be used to it by now!!

So here we are in September (still summer according to the GRD calendar), the month when I become another year older and we celebrate 35 years of marriage!!

Helia Collage

I’ll just you leave with the next batch of animals!

This is Helia, her name means ‘of the sun’ and she certainly brings her own sunshine with her.


Next is Anthea and her name means ‘flowery’.

Zinnia Collage

Zinnia is a celebration of those beautiful flowers that I cannot get to grow in my garden as the slugs and snails eat them all.


And finally this little mouse in her mossy green outfit is of course…. Moss.

All these girls will be listed in my Etsy shop on Tuesday 6th September at 9pm (BST).

More information about my animals can be found here.

And finally, finally, just before I go I would like to thank the lovely Micheline for nominating me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’, thank you so much Micheline, you’re very kind.

Have a great September folks!