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Cosy With Crochet

by greenrabbitdesigns

Well as expected the good weather we’ve been having for the past week ended yesterday with a grey, wet and miserable day. It was a day where the lights had to be on all day! Thankfully the lovely weather has returned today and I hope it continues over the weekend, autumn looks so much better in the sunshine.

Yesterday however was a day where the only thing for it was to light the fire, cosy in and get the crochet out.

I’m still working on my ‘Autumn Colours’ blanket, looking at the photo it looks like I have pink in it but it really is a coral shade, I don’t do pink. It’s a mix of browns, coral, peach, rust, mustard, beige and cream.

I’m also working on a third little autumn inspired bunny, you can see her here putting her feet up, hopefully I’ll get her finished over the weekend. She follows on from Autumn and this little lady …………………..

This is Penny Pumpkin, just finished this week and off to live in Buckinghamshire!

So from Penny and myself, have yourselves a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for your visits and lovely comments!

Oh and if you need some advice on how to chill out and relax, just see this fellow, he’s an expert…………..

Happy weekend from RJ too !!! 🙂

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Gill October 12, 2012 - 6:16 pm

Sorry to hear you’ve had the rain at last too – just for a change we had both today,sunshine and torrential rain!
Penny Pumpkin is just perfect, right down to the pumpkin button! It must be hard to part with those lovely bunnies, but atleast you know they go to good homes where they will be treasured.
Wishing you a great weekend Vivienne, happy crocheting with your pretty autumn blanket.
Gill xx

Marigold Jam October 12, 2012 - 6:35 pm

Sometimes a wet day is just what is needed to get on with some indoor things! Love the bunny and her little footstool. Cats certainly know how to relax don’t they?! Have a great weekend.

simone October 12, 2012 - 8:02 pm

Beautiful kitty and crochet! I just adore Penny Pumpkin! I would have loved her if I didn’t already have Francoise. To have a bunny for each season would be wonderful! Have a lovely weekend Vivienne. x

Margaret October 12, 2012 - 8:07 pm

Penny Pumpkin is just so cute! Your bunnies just make me smile. I really don’t know how you can bear to part with them.
Lovely crochet squares. They do look very pink on my monitor.
RJ looks very laid back. What a life!

Jane October 12, 2012 - 10:01 pm

I love all your sweet themed bunnies Vivienne. Penny is a little poppet. The sun has returned here too, yesterday was just grim wasn’t it. Glad you had some crochet to do. I hope to get out to start clearing the garden in the morning if the weather holds. Have a lovely weekend…RJ has the right idea and I am sure Billy will be doing the same ;0)
Jane x

Pam Hetherington October 13, 2012 - 9:39 am

Sounds like a cosy day though Vivienne! Have a lovely weekend,
P xx

Mia October 13, 2012 - 7:19 pm

Hello dear Vivienne,

I was quite surprised too see the “pink” in your blanket, but it didn’t take too long until you cleared that 🙂 And oh how lovely Penny is, all dressed up for the season, she is the sweetest! And RJ… kiss the cutie for me, please!

Happy weekend (hopefully sunny, here not that much I’m afraid)!


Helen Philipps October 14, 2012 - 12:36 pm

Rainy days are always good for cosying up indoors and crafting. I love all your crochet in this post, such a cute new bunny in warm pumpkin shades just right for this time of year. It’s sunny here today, and I hope it is with you too.
Wishing you a happy weekend, Vivienne!
Helen x

Susan October 14, 2012 - 4:59 pm

Hope you are having a lovely, relaxing Sunday Vivienne with your crochet and your feet up with your gorgeous little kitties by your side…It’s chilly here but at least the sun is shining!
Susan x
P.S Miss Penny Pumpkin is adorable!…x

julie October 15, 2012 - 6:03 pm

Getting cosy with crochet sounds like the absolute best way to spend a chilly and wet autumn day. It’s what I’ve been doing here today too! I do like your autumnal colours blanket – it will be lovely and warming just to look at!

Kate October 15, 2012 - 10:28 pm

I just love that image of the little bun with her feet up .. so sweet. As I type it is pouring down here, and the cats are coming in absolutely soaking wet. No cuddles for them then 😉
Happy week Vivienne xx

Jo October 16, 2012 - 4:17 pm

It’s definitely the weather for cosying up with some crochet here today. Penny Pumpkin is adorable, I’ve just been eyeing up all the treats in your Etsy shop. I think RJ steals the show though, I used to have a black and white puss, I’ve got such a soft spot for them.

Patty October 19, 2012 - 11:53 am

What a great idea Vivienne to do a pumpkin bunny, she will make a lovely Hallows gift. Aaaaah, a sleeping puddy tat, how cute!

thelinencat October 23, 2012 - 5:47 pm

Penny Pumpkin is indeed perfect, just the right colours, so spot on for this time of year. Love seeing your kitty cat, so cute. Bethx

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