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We woke to our first frost this morning, the above photo is of the glass in my greenhouse, cold but beautiful.


Spiders webs and roof tops were all white and boy was it chilly!


It was lovely and bright though and the sun soon made the frost disappear.


Which was good as after a visit to a garden centre yesterday I had a few more plants to put in pots, I just love these ornamental cabbages!


I also bought a tray of these little, almost black violas too…so pretty!

Actually by the time I was finished in the greenhouse the sun had raised the temperature in there to 20 degrees.

Thank you autumn for being so good!!!


While we are on a frosty theme I thought I would share my first little festive bunny with you, her name is Fawn! She’ll be in my Etsy shop soon.

Happy new week everyone, hope it’s a good one for you! 🙂

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ali November 4, 2013 - 2:15 pm

time to get the de-icer out! Lovely photos and had a look at your etsy shop…..some very pretty things for sale

Anne D.T. November 4, 2013 - 2:39 pm

Hello Vivienne, The violas are my favorites. Hello Miss Fawn….perfect for late autumn and winter!
Stay warm, sending some sunshine.(Very happy to see some sun here)
Anne xx

Sonja November 4, 2013 - 3:00 pm

Oh, what a little sweetheart! And such a perfect name.

Jane November 4, 2013 - 3:34 pm

Brrr cold but very pretty Vivienne. It’s been sunny here but no frost yet, it is certainly cooling down. Awwww Fawn looks just gorgeous I love her speckled fur..so cute. Have a great week and keep snug xx

Margaret November 4, 2013 - 3:45 pm

I can’t imagine that Fawn will be spending much time in your Etsy shop Vivienne. Another gorgeous little lady. Love her little deer print dress and button.

Marigold Jam November 4, 2013 - 5:12 pm

Isn’t Nature clever painting those wonderful pictures with ice? Glad it warmed up later though for you. Little Miss Fawn will need her cute cardi if it’s cold won’t she. As the others have said she won’t spend long waiting for a new home I’m sure. Love the pansies.

Jill November 4, 2013 - 5:16 pm

Oh my goodness – little Fawn is adorable. I’m loving the variegated yarn you’ve used.
brrrrr!!!! All this talk of frost has made me to dig out my hot water bottles!
Hope the sun keeps shining on you this week, Vivienne. xxx

Robin November 4, 2013 - 6:13 pm

Hi Vivienne, Love Fern and her lovely cardi!! Also love her multi tone fur. Mr. Frost has come…….now time to stay cosy warn with your rabbits : )

Amanda November 4, 2013 - 8:01 pm

Very beautiful as ever…..great set of photos

ginaferrari November 4, 2013 - 8:31 pm

I had to scrape the frost off my car windscreen last week. It’s cold out there again tonight! Another pretty bunny Vivienne.

Simone November 4, 2013 - 9:11 pm

The pictures are stunning Vivienne especially of the iced glass in the greenhouse! Brrrrrrrrr!!! Fawn is so pretty and I like her varigated ‘fur’ and ice blue cardi. Wonderful! x

Elizabeth November 4, 2013 - 11:16 pm

Hi Vivienne, the frost looks beautiful in the sun, brings back lots of memories. Fawn is lovely with winter colours. Keep warm and enjoy this time of year. Elizabeth x x

Chrissie Crafts November 5, 2013 - 7:25 am

Pretty frost photos! Makes me want to don my thick socks and woolly cowl…or just a snuggly cardigan like little Fawn! I love the yarn you used for her, she’s a beauty! Chrissie x

hortensiadesigns November 5, 2013 - 10:06 am

First real frost here too this morning – doesn’t seem so bad when the sun’s shining! Gorgeous images as ever,
P xxx

Susan November 5, 2013 - 5:00 pm

Gorgeous pics Vivienne…it’s definitely chilly here today too! I do love pretty Fawn and her yarn is just gorgeous…she’ll be snapped up in an instant!
Happy Tuesday and keep warm!
Susan x

bobbybunnyandfriends November 5, 2013 - 8:42 pm

Loving the frost pics Vivienne. I am glad that the Autumn is being kind to you, as I know how much you hate this time of year. Unfortunately the weather has not been so kind to us, just wet quite mild & windy. I hope that we get our first frost soon, as I love cold crisp wintery days! x

helen philipps November 6, 2013 - 1:01 pm

Love your ice fern picture, reminds me of the old days! Your photos are lovely, and I’m glad it warmed up for you later in the day. How cute Fawn is, such lovely soft shades, and sweet little button. Happy Wednesday, Vivienne!
Helen x

Julie November 7, 2013 - 8:32 pm

Aw, Fawn is so pretty. We’ve not yet had a frost but it’s definitely heading that way. I love early morning frostiness it always looks so pretty, especially on the spider webs. Time to get the winter woolies out – keep warm Vivienne x

alisonb2 November 7, 2013 - 9:46 pm

Hello Vivienne, I’ve enjoyed my meander around your beautiful garden. My garden is clay and is now very sticky! But I have put some cyclamen into a hanging basket. 🙂

knitsofacto November 8, 2013 - 8:50 pm

And what a pretty Fawn she is 🙂

No frost here yet, but it’s in the air.

Gill November 8, 2013 - 10:05 pm

Sounds chilly! Beautiful photos Vivienne, and a gorgeous little Bunny too!
Gill xx

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