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It’s my blog’s birthday today, it is now six years old !

It’s one of those situations which seems like a long time and a short time all at the same time.


I’ve made many friends through blogging, lots of lovely people who even if there was no blog at all would now still be my friends. There are many of you who drop by here every post and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for that.

WordPress have a section in my stats where they list the top seven commenters out of the last 1000 comments and its always the same seven lovely people, many, many thanks to Mia, Ali, Elizabeth (no blog but a lovely ex-pat now living in Australia), Jane, Simone, Anne and Helen.

Of course it’s not just about the comments but thank you so much lovely ladies, I do appreciate your loyalty and support and if you have commented at all on my blog or hit the like button or have just stopped by to have a look thank you too for your interest.


I have to be honest, I have struggled with my blog over the past year, last summer I almost brought it to an end, the general stats make for very sorry reading indeed and the reality is that compared to my other social media sites the blog is sadly in decline. I sometimes feel it has run it’s course and there is nothing new. More people visit my Facebook page in an afternoon than visit my blog in a month. It takes a lot more time to write a blog post and upload photos than it does to post on Facebook or Instagram and I feel that what I do now lends itself better to Facebook and Instagram than it does to blogging.

However I am still here and for the time being will remain so, I suppose it was hard to let go, although my posts don’t happen so much anymore and you will find me on my other sites much more often.


I have sort of rained on my own parade but I just felt that I needed to say all of that.

We are however celebrating six years of Green Rabbit Designs and in true blogiversary style I’m having a giveaway.

This little girl is Dora, her name means ‘a gift’ which is exactly what she is!

For one entry into the giveaway, follow my blog by email (there is a link on my sidebar) and leave a comment below.

For a second entry pop over to my Facebook page, like my page, like the post about Dora and share the giveaway and then come back here and leave me a comment telling me you have done so, you are welcome to leave a comment on the Facebook post but only comments left here will be included in the giveaway.

And those seven lovely blog friends mentioned above, you all have an extra entry each!

Please note that if your name is picked by the random number generator I will check that you do follow the blog by email or that you have completed all the Facebook tasks. There is no such thing as a free lunch or bunny in this case! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The giveaway closes midnight (BST) next Sunday 29th March 2015!

Dora Collage

Thanks for dropping by, have a lovely new spring week, British Summer Time is almost here!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Christine March 22, 2015 - 9:13 am

Thank you for bringing such joy to all that read your beautiful blog. Happy sixth birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a lovely week x

june March 22, 2015 - 9:18 am

Congratulations six years ,I just absolutely love your rabbits ,such a talented lady ,I follow you on flickr and just looking at them it always cheers me up at there lovely bright colors .I always look forward to seeing them . and one day I will own one ,keep up the good work x

Sew Sofia March 22, 2015 - 9:30 am

Congratulations on your 6th Anniversary, that’s fantastic! I didn’t know that you had a blog but I think it’s a lovely way of showcasing your work where it would get otherwise lost on other social media! Dora is beautiful, I’m a huge fan of your work and my daughter Sofia is turning 10 soon so would absolutely love one of your bunnies to treasure!

Helen March 22, 2015 - 9:31 am

Oh Vivienne , yours is one of the first blogs I started following and enjoyed it so much , it encouraged me to begin my own . You probably still have mire views in a month than I ever had ! Oh my the way this is my entry as I follow you by email !

Sew Sofia March 22, 2015 - 9:32 am

I have shared your giveaway on Facebook too on my personal page and also on my business page to give you a little boost – Sew Sofia, Louise Ambrosi

Hilary Orme March 22, 2015 - 9:33 am

Thank you for brightening our days with your beautiful bunnies. I particularly love the little buttons on their cardigans. Your work is perfect, creative and obviously made with care and love!

Helen March 22, 2015 - 9:34 am

Liked and shared on Facebook , and congratulations on your 6 year blogversary

Anneka March 22, 2015 - 9:41 am

Congratulations on 6 years. Absolutely amazing bunnys.each one so carefully made with lovely cute smiles x x

Anneka March 22, 2015 - 9:43 am

Forgot to say I’ve left a comment on Facebook x.

Beverly March 22, 2015 - 9:43 am

Never knew about this blog but glad I have found it and look forward to reading your lovely thoughts and congrats on your 6th birthday and keep making those beautiful bunnies (tthey are so cute on my bed !)

Lorraine March 22, 2015 - 9:57 am

Happy blogiversary Vivienne! I let my blog die out as like you found it tricky to keep up with the posts. Facebook is much easier ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m already signed up for the email notifications and will share on facebook too for you.
Lorraine xx

Lesley meadows March 22, 2015 - 10:03 am

Congrats Vivienne all your bunnies are gorgeous. I am waiting to see if you do a squirrel related one.

Donna Trett March 22, 2015 - 10:18 am

Congratulations! Your bunnies are adorable and I look forward to many more blog posts in the future.

Donna Trett March 22, 2015 - 10:19 am

I have commented and liked your Facebook too x

Wendy Duncan March 22, 2015 - 10:20 am

Congratulations on reaching 6 years. I didn’t know you had a blog. I have some catching up to do!

B.Gรฉraldine wool and cats March 22, 2015 - 10:43 am

Hopefully you’re still there !! Congrats for your beautiful, lovely and pleasant blog … Have a wonderful sunday !

Ann March 22, 2015 - 10:50 am

Congratulations Vivienne!! I can’t believe that it has been six years…. where have all those years gone. So many gorgeous bunnies and so many lovely blog posts and wonderful photos. Looking forward to the next six xx

Jane's Journal March 22, 2015 - 10:51 am

Good morning my dear friend. Wow where did those years go? I came in about 5 years ago and it seems like yesterday. You and I have seen our girls married, little Daisy arrive and also shared the thankfully few low occasions too. I so agree that even with no blog we would still be friends and that makes me smile and feel very thankful. I still love visiting here as I am not a big social media girl so I will be leaving my little comments as always. Dora is gorgeous and would be a great friend to Holly if I was lucky enough for her to come this way. Thanks for your support over at mine, I really do treasure our friendship which the www brought to us. Huge hugs and many congratulations, love Me xxxxxx

Jeannette Fishwick March 22, 2015 - 10:54 am

I adore all your bunnies..you do an amazing job.

I am liking and sharing on Facebook to!!

Suzanne Rumbold March 22, 2015 - 10:55 am

Such a beautiful Rabbit. I’d love to win her (-:

Julie Smallwood March 22, 2015 - 11:15 am

Love your blog – would love to win Dora, as it was my Mum’s name, and the little bunny would sit in pride of place. Congratulations on your 6th anniversary xx

Julie Smallwood March 22, 2015 - 11:19 am

Have liked and shared on Facebook xxx

Mia March 22, 2015 - 11:43 am

Hello dear Vivienne,

Six years, huh, time has flown (how does fly decline…? never mind, you got my point) really fast, and thank you so so much for each and every post you have shared with us, and the biggest congratulations on this big achievement! It has a been a fun and happy and flowers&bunny-filled ride, and I really wish you will continue blogging still even I know better than well how it is sometimes (owner of an abandoned blog here too). Thank you so much for the wonderful Dora-giveaway also, I am crossing fingers and toes here.

Have a happy, sunny and spring-ly Sunday, dear friend!


Athena Field March 22, 2015 - 12:10 pm

Thank you for this giveaway! Congrats on your 6 years blogaversary!

Cathy Williams March 22, 2015 - 12:25 pm

I’ve always really enjoyed reading your blogs. I know I found you on Facebook but I don’t go on there after our tragedy Christmas Eve. I will though go & have a look whenever I can though. Happy Birthday – you’re rabbits are so adorable & I’m so happy to own a couple. Thank you xx

pat March 22, 2015 - 12:29 pm

I love all your bunnies and love to read your blog. You are a very talented hard working lady and deserve many congratulations for keeping this up over 6 fabulous years. Brilliant. I must say love been following you more recently on Facebook since I was given a tablet to keep in touch with my sons. But I still read your blog. Love Dora’s frock. Love pat x

pat March 22, 2015 - 12:31 pm

Forgot to say – have given you a share xxx

Lynn Millar March 22, 2015 - 12:44 pm

Happy 6th blog birthday. Love your bunny creations. Thank you for the kind chance to win Dora, she’s gorgeous xxx

Adrienne Sharman March 22, 2015 - 12:52 pm

Happy 6th Blog birthday! and for a chance to win Dora. My mum’s name was Dora so I was thrilled to see a bunny named after her. Her favourite flower was a rose too!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! Your bunnies are all so cute and appealing. I love the way that each one has a theme.

ali March 22, 2015 - 1:04 pm

Happy Birthday, please keep going ….I love reading your blog. Please also enter me in your most generous giveaway.

ali March 22, 2015 - 1:05 pm

I have also liked and shared your Dora post.

lynda Smith March 22, 2015 - 1:25 pm

Wow six years your blogs are lovely especially the flowers and recipes and of course the girls thank you vivienne for sharing your talent xx

paxami March 22, 2015 - 3:46 pm

Happy anniversary and well done! I read your blog faithfully but I know that it is a time guzzler and energy vampire

paxami March 22, 2015 - 3:48 pm

I hit the wrong button and off it went. Anyway, thanks for your blog, and I hope you keep it going,

Rachel March 22, 2015 - 3:55 pm

Such beautiful creations. I’d love to gift Dora to my mom. She loves your bunnies but hasn’t got one… yet! x

Rachel March 22, 2015 - 3:55 pm

Liked and shared on Facebook too x

Jan Bates March 22, 2015 - 5:09 pm

Love this little bunny

Helen Philipps March 22, 2015 - 6:25 pm

Congratulations on your six years of blogging, dear Vivienne! You were one of my first blog friends and I am so glad that we are still blog friends too! You have always been a pleasure to visit, and I always love to read your comments both on my blog and on others too……you have such a way with words and I enjoy your humour and kindness too.
Your giveaway bunny is so sweet, what a lovely prize for someone very lucky.
Wishing you a happy week ahead.
Helen xox

Debbie Seton March 22, 2015 - 7:21 pm

Happy birthday bloggy blog! ๐Ÿ˜€

I agree with Christina – FB is really a super quick and easy blog – quick and easy for us, and for readers. I have a lot less traffic on my blog than you do on yours, but I find it a really useful public journal space – my posts tend to be written to help ME understand what I’m doing / where I’m heading and gives me a space to document everything which I wouldn’t do otherwise. It’s great to get feedback from readers too of course, but I tell myself not to get hung up on that, or even worry whether people are reading it – very grateful that one or two like you always do though! <3

rosieholloway2014 March 22, 2015 - 7:48 pm

Done everything and have everything crossed. Congratulations on your anniversary. x

Nancy Nelson March 22, 2015 - 7:50 pm

Hello! I have been following your blog via email for a while and just love your bunnies and posts about cats. I would love to have Dora keep me and my cats company in my sewing room. Thank you and keep up the beautiful bunny work and beautiful words on your blog – it brightens the day for many of us!

Nancy Nelson March 22, 2015 - 8:13 pm

Hello Again! Making a second entry for the wonderful Dora as I have done the “facebook” requirements under my facebook name of “Yardley Nelson”. I have liked your page, liked the post, and shared it. Thank you!

Jacqueline March 22, 2015 - 8:50 pm

I would be sorry if you and others gave up blogging. I don’t always comment, but love to see your rabbits. I am not on Facebook, and never will be, and I think that will run its course eventually as well.

sue hayton March 22, 2015 - 9:34 pm

Don’t stop blogging – its easier to look back at your posts here than on facebook. Love Dora and would be delighted to own her!

sue hayton March 22, 2015 - 9:38 pm

All Facebook tasks completed too!

Linda Belle March 22, 2015 - 9:59 pm

I love reading your blog and think your rabbits are absolutely gorgeous.

Linda Belle March 22, 2015 - 10:19 pm

Ok, I have completed the Facebook tasks and am back here again. I have been a follower of your blog for a while now and look forward to what is next. Thank you for sharing the photos, your writing and travels.

Rosie and Duncan March 23, 2015 - 2:55 am

I’ve been following your blog for as long as I can remember ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’ve been notified of all your posts via email for a long time. So obviously I don’t need to do that step, should you need me to confirm my info please tell me to email you. I would add the email I signed up with here but I’m worried I’d get spam. I am happy to provide the info privately for you to confirm. I have also followed you on facebook for as long as I can remember so I’m already a liker of your page. I will go and share your post via facebook now ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m Rosie Eva Coombes on Facebook. Congrats on the anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚ I for one love your blog posts and seeing your lovely bunnies you create. Rosie x

Anette van Brouwershaven March 23, 2015 - 5:29 am

Happy 6th Birthday, I wish you many more adorable bunnies for us to see and to enjoy xxxxx

Sharon March 23, 2015 - 7:08 am

I totally understand how you feel about the blogging dilemma, Vivienne, I don’t do the other social networking platforms, although I have a FB page that is very rarely used, and I’ve virtually stopped blogging myself.
I would very much miss your blog if you stopped posting, as you always brighten my day when I read your posts.
Please don’t enter my comment for your giveaway of your beautiful bunny because as you know I have already got my wonderful Verdi from your last giveaway.
Happy blog anniversary

Elizabeth March 23, 2015 - 9:53 am

Thank you for all your time making the beautiful bunnies I really enjoyed them and the photos,you are a very talented lady. I will keep in touch with you. Love & Blessings. Elizabeth x x x

Pat Godkin March 23, 2015 - 3:23 pm

I found your sites while reading Helen Phillips blog today, I happen to love bunnies and seem to purchase them to enjoy more than any other ornament.
I love your adorable girls!

handmade by amalia March 23, 2015 - 3:32 pm

Congratulations, Vivienne! You have a lovely blog to mirror your lovely talent. Well done!

wilhelmina March 23, 2015 - 6:45 pm

I do follow your blog by email and enjoy it immensely! Happy anniversary! Going to do the facebook things and will come back to tell you. I’m never fast enough to get one of your girls to keep my alive bunny company…..so maybe I’ll win one!

wilhelmina March 23, 2015 - 6:47 pm

Liked and shared on Facebook…following too!

Anne D.T. March 23, 2015 - 7:32 pm

Vivienne, You are going to need a big hat for all of these names! 0-: Congratulations again on 6 blogging years. I agree, it seems slow and a bit fast since you started your blog. I’m always happy to visit you here and see what’s new in your garden, kitchen, on your crochet hook/knitting needles.
Here’s to more news and photos to come, dear Vivienne.
I’m a follower via e-mail. Happy late March and happy celebrating!!
Anne D.T. PlumCreek22 xxxooo

Anne D.T. March 23, 2015 - 7:33 pm

Have “liked” and “shared” Dora on facebook.
Happy late March….
Anne D.T. PlumCreek22 xx

Simone March 23, 2015 - 8:10 pm

Happy Blogiversary Vivienne! I will be very sad if you give up blogging altogether as I am not on Facebook or Instagram so can’t leave comments there. I can however tweet you! I am now following you by email – it’s hard to keep up with all this technology! I think Dora is lovely but then again I love all the bunnies that you make. x

Tara Watkins March 24, 2015 - 12:07 am

Lovely blog, haven’t come across it before, be sad if you give up. Loev your items you make too, they are beautiful x

Susan March 24, 2015 - 9:00 am

Happy 6th Blog Anniversary lovely Vivienne!…It’s always a treat to be here and little Dora is just beautiful. I’m sure she would be very happy in my craftroom so I’m going to make a wish and keep my fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ™‚ x
Hope you’re having a lovely week,
Susan x

Patty March 24, 2015 - 10:21 am

Hi V, happy 6th Blogiday ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s interesting what you say about blogging, the stats and the effort it takes. I think I’m suffering the same as I enter 7 years with mine, I’ve not completely lost the enthusiasm but I find the time it takes to do all the blogging and other social media just takes away the actual time I like to have for making things. And yet we all need to promote our wares in order to sell them, vicious circles and all that but I quite agree you can meet some lovely people by doing this.
The most important thing is making your lovely creations and what a beautiful example Dora is and a very generous celebratory giveaway which I will cross fingers for, she will definitely make someone very happy.
It’s nearly clocks changing time so roll on sunny days ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

ginaferrari March 25, 2015 - 9:19 am

Congratulations on six years of blogging. My blog will be eight years old this summer and I was just thinking the same thoughts as you. I don’t blog nearly as often as I used to and it has started to feel like a chore. Yet it has become part of what I do so I’m not sure I would find it easy to give up. So Like you I shall carry on for now but I sense an ending. As I’ve already won one of your bunnies in the past you can exclude me from the draw… Lovely though she is!

june March 25, 2015 - 10:02 am

I just love your bunnies they are beautiful ,you are so talented .x

ruthkeys March 25, 2015 - 12:07 pm

Happy 6th Birthday. Dora is adorable and such a cutie. ๐Ÿ™‚

Allison Smith Beard March 25, 2015 - 5:53 pm

Congrats on your blog. Each of your bunny creations are beautiful and I have been enjoying Patch since her arrival last month. Please continue with your blog, we enjoy it!!!

Beerta Bosch March 26, 2015 - 10:19 am

Congratulations with your birthday. I do’nt know what to do or if I do the right thing, but I want to join in on the give away of Dora. I like your bunnies very much but never be able to get one. I hope that you make many more flower/bunnie girls. Hartelijke groeten, Beerta

Gillian Omar March 26, 2015 - 9:08 pm

Happy 6th birthday. I love all your bunnies. Delightful Dora will be adored if she comes to live in my domain. Everyone loves her but I will treasure her forever. Please continue your blog I so look forward to every “girl’s” arrival. Gill O

Kirstie Wooding March 27, 2015 - 9:45 pm

How adorable!!

Kirstie Wooding March 28, 2015 - 12:05 pm

Liked and shared on Facebook! Congrats they are adorable xx

Annie March 28, 2015 - 12:17 pm

Ik heb geen blog of site, maar ik zou heel graag meedoen aan de give away.
m’n Engels is niet zo goed.
Ik kijk elke week op je blog, geweldige mooie creaties.
Met een patroontje in het nederlands zou je me ook al blij kunnen maken.
Annie uit Nederland

Sarah Emmens March 28, 2015 - 12:43 pm

Happy 6th birthday. Xx
I love all your bunnies. I love how they’re all individual, their names and how seasonal they are. Liked and shared. Xx

Janet Bates March 28, 2015 - 2:18 pm

Congratulations on silex years. I love your bunnies

Helen Shannon March 28, 2015 - 2:35 pm

Have followed your Facebook for a while and now will follow blogs as well! Happy anniversary, I have liked and shared on FB, maybe I will finally get one of your fabulous bunnies! Xx

Jennie Sheridan March 28, 2015 - 3:16 pm

Happy blogversary love all yr wee bunnies will share and like on fb have a nice weekend.

Brisja March 28, 2015 - 5:21 pm

Congratulations on your 6th year of blogging, and on all your lovely bunnies! They are adorable. Thanks for sharing one this spring. Next week is my birthday. I was born on Easter, and was presented to my parents with bunny ears on, so my nickname has always been Bunny:)

Brisja March 28, 2015 - 5:39 pm

I completed the Facebook entry by liking your Dora post and sharing. I have been following you on fb for quite some time, as I liked your page long ago!

sarah March 28, 2015 - 6:05 pm

Happy 6th birthday! Fab blog! Iv come over from Facebook Just read all you blog, beautiful work ๐Ÿ™‚ Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Micheline Rens March 29, 2015 - 3:57 pm

I just liked Dora one my facebook page, just so cute

Margaret March 29, 2015 - 10:33 pm

Love all your Bunnies Vivienne. I have liked Dora on Facebook, she tells me she would enjoy being Honeysuckle’s little sister!

Jackie March 31, 2015 - 5:36 pm

Congratulations on your 6th blog anniversary. While I don’t usually comment, I do follow your blog through Bloglovin and really enjoy seeing all the things that you make, especially the bunnies. I realise that I am too late for the giveaway, I am just catching up on last week’s blog posts. Thanks.

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